Steven Colborne

Writer in London, United Kingdom

Steven Colborne

Writer in London, United Kingdom

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Hello! I'm Steven, a philosopher and author from Oxfordshire, currently based in London, England. Here are a few details concerning who I am and what I do...


I see my main purpose in life as sharing the insights I have gained through immersing myself in the spiritual practices of many diverse faith groups. My spiritual journey has taken me from atheism, to agnosticism, to New Age spirituality, to Hinduism, to Buddhism, to cults, gurus, and therapists, to Christianity (first Anglican then Catholic then Evangelical), and finally to pure, simple and unshakable Truth. Phew!


I hold a first class BA (Hons) degree in Commercial Music from the University of Westminster and a PG Cert in Philosophy and Religion from the University of London.


Since 2012 I've been writing articles, essays, and books about all the big questions of philosophy and theology, and this has culminated in the distillation of my philosophical perspective into a single conclusive book. It's somewhat of a miracle that I've been able to write this book, because several spells in psychiatric hospital have taken a lot out of me. Still, the book is written, and I can now die happily, because it represents my 'raison d'être'. If you'd like to find out more about the book, which is titled God’s Grand Game, click this link.


Music remains my number one hobby, whether it’s riffing on one of my guitars, listening to endless hours of lofi hiphop on YouTube, or recording electro-rock songs in my home studio. Music is my aeroplane! To listen to my latest release click here.


In a few billion years, everything we did during our human lives will have faded into such insignificance that really any earthly ambitions we have today are just a load of old nonsense when seen in their broader context. How can anyone argue with that?

The single most important thing that I can leave you with is my belief that your consciousness is not tied to your body, so when you die, you will live on. You will never actually die. There are some very logical reasons why I believe this to be true, but I've already written too much for an About Me page.